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Solo Show ~ Marcus Hammond 

'Form, Colour and Line - Landscape through Abstraction'

Show runs 22nd April - 6th June 2017

'Grand Central' by Marcus Hammond

'From Almscliffe to St Petersburg' by Marcus Hammond

Marcus has chosen 6 prints for the show selected from sections of his original paintings. These A3 prints are numbered and signed by the artist and strictly limited to 25 copies of each chosen print. These mounted numbered prints will be available to purchase through Art in the Mill at £175 each.


Holly Holder: 'Out of the Dark'

"Come and join me, be part of my journey out of the darkness at my debut exhibition."

Previews Thursday 27th October 2016, 7.30pm-10.30pm.




'Darkness II' by Holly Holder

Show runs from 28th October - 25th November 2016

 Local artist Holly Holder presents her first show of mixed media paintings. 


'Acceptance' by Holly Holder                                                                   'Shadow Poppies' by Holly Holder

Saturday 29th October 2pm-4pm Holly will also be visiting the Mill for an informal 'meet the artist' afternoon. 


Starting Thursday 27th October 2016: 'A Baker's Dozen'! 

Thirteen ceramicists/potters/clay artists will take over the middle floor of the Mill for this ceramic showcase throughout the festive build up:

Brenda Wright, Elizabeth Maynard, Linda Bulleyment, Peter Hawes, Rene Cryer, Linda Erliz, Brian Anson, Azu Fletcher, Rupert Blamire, Gus Wright, Jack Laverick, Andrew Bull, Lee Steele.

 We are officially potty for ceramics this year! And clearly so are many of our customers following on from the popularity of 'The Great British Throw Down' on TV. We thought it would be exciting to end this year with a focus on 'all things clay' and so we've invited ceramic artists at the mill to deck out the shelves of the middle floor with goodies. Yes it will be a feast for the eyes, with some new names on board too to add to the final mix. We hope visitors to the mill will find the perfect unique and special ceramics for wrapping up this Christmas and perhaps a treat to keep too! 


~Summer Salon Show for feva~

The Blue Skies Gallery is home to over 22 artists selected to take part in this year's Summer Salon as part of Knaresborough's festival feva.

The show runs from August 12th to September 30th 2016. The full list of particpating artists is as follows:

Martin Fowler, Fran Brammer, Cath Brooke, Ray Mutimer, Jack Duffill, David Utting, Steve Capper, Heather Dormer, Lisa Livingston, Annie Robinson, Leslie Child, Keith Mountain, Robbie Burns, Mark Sofilas, Peter Stanaway, Annie Stothert, Marcus Hammond, Maggie Goodwin, Jane Burgess, Pauline Meade, Rachel McNaughton, Andrew Cheetham.


~Spring Collection~

The Blue Skies Gallery is currently showing work from the following artists:

Kevin Haynes, Francesca Roberts, Annie Robinson, Keith Mountain, Sally Page, Ewa Gorska, KazMills, Rene Cryer, Kevin Wallhead, Catherine McGrath, Heather Dormer, Brian Lancaster, Amy Charlesworth, Graham Anderton and Yvonne Edwards.


Annie Robinson: 'June, Bowland Knotts'                        Francesca Roberts: 'Springtime in Nidderdale'


Brian Lancaster: 'Iona'                                                    Brian Lancaster: 'Storm at Dunstaburgh'


Amy Charlesworth: 'Two Red Pears'                      Malcolm Bowman: 'Small Tree, Northumberland'



Artists 'Under the Spotlight' Wall:

May 2015 ~ Heather Dormer (Pastel Paintings)

June 2015 ~ Francesca Roberts  (Oil Paintings)

July 2015 ~ Kevin Braithwaite (Acrylic Paintings) and Helen Moreton (garden mosiacs)

August 2015 ~ Kaz Mills (Silk Artist-paintings, scarves, cushions, mixed media)

September 2015 ~ Alan Knight (Oil Paintings)

October 2015 ~ Jane Burgess (Watercolour and Oil Paintings)

November 2015 ~ Ray Mutimer  (Watercolour Paintings, Illustrations)

December 2015 ~ Lesley Birch (Printmaker and Oil Paintings)


Next Exhibition: 'Through the Looking Glass' starts June 9th 2015

We are looking forward to a diverse and imaginative show which has hints of 'Wonderland' and other marvelously observed scenes and close inspection reality. The  'Yard-en' area outside will also hold some secret magical appeal ready for VisitCastlegate's Open Day event on July 4th.  The exhibition runs until July 31st.

Participating artists:  Amanda White, Eddy Crick, Ben Greenwood, Kaz Mills, Jane Burgess, Helen Moreton, Linda Erliz, Jim Sykes and more.


The following exhibition has now finished:

Solo Exhibition: Roy Wood  1937-2013

'Lasting Impressions'

                                   Preview Evening Thursday March 19th 2015 6pm

        Exhibition runs from March 20th - April 17th 2015

If you would like an invitation to the preview evening please contact mail@artinthemill.co.uk 

In 1967 Roy co-founded the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop.

Roy's formative years were spent in Bradford and he was the first post-graduate to study printmaking there with Gillian Tressida of the Royal College. Roy taught in the Drawing and Painting School of Edinburgh College for thirty years and during the years 1968-1976 he gave lectures for the Scottish Arts Council.

Art in the Mill is delighted to be exhibiting works from Roy's portfolio with the kind permission of Christine Wood,  Roy's wife. Further information about the works to be exhibited will be added here before the exhibition launches. If you would like to receive a copy of the exhibition details when they are available please contact mail@artinthemill.co.uk.



'Topiary Garden' Photolithography by Roy Wood

A few photos from the opening night:









'Chasing Cars!' - One of the illustrations by Fiona Odle in 'The Amazing Adventures of Gus and Barney'.



feva is coming..........................feva is coming

Summer Exhibition launches on August 8th with the start of the festival:-


 The Mill strives to get the balance right this feva with the help of invited artists:

John Wilson, Ray Mutimer, Kevin Haynes, Mark Sofilas, Alan Knight, Jack Stancombe, Amanda White, Jim Sykes, Richard Snowden, Jean Fenton, Mandy Long, Emma Holliday, Jane Burgess, Peter Stanaway and more.



Show runs from August 8th- September 28th 2014



Take a look at our gallery pages and you can see a selection of the paintings currently displayed but please note that this is constantly changing and that Art in the Mill has many more works not shown on the website at any one time. We hope that you will be able to visit us in person and would encourage you to let us know if you are looking for a particular artist or style as we may have just the thing you desire tucked away behind the scenes or can often procure works from our extensive list of artists at relatively short notice. Art in the Mill is open six days a week (closed Mondays) but we are always happy to meet clients outside of the opening hours to view works here if this is more convenient.




Christmas Exhibition

Lighting the Way

The exhibition launches on Sunday November 10th at 2pm



Summer Show: 'Now for Naive!'


We are delighted to be showing work from members of the ABNA (Association of British Naive Artists).

The summer show launches with feva (festival of entertainment and visual arts) on August 9th 2013 and runs to September 30th 2013.

Please go to the Gallery Page for images and details of the work appearing in this exciting colourful show.



Participating Artists: Richard Friend, Geraldine Williamson, Mark Sofilas, Caroline Appleyard, Antoinette Kelly, Judy Joel, Gina Farrell, Noel Barker, Rodney West, Nicola White, Anne Currie, Andrew Strange, Sarah Sloan, Amanda White, Kate Collins, Kevin Haynes and Chris Cyprus.

Knaresborough artists John Wilson and Jim Sykes will also be exhibiting in this naive show.


'A Vintage Knaresborough' by John Wilson                     'Market Place' by Jim Sykes

If you would like to receive an email with further details about this showplease send your contact details to mail@artinthemill.co.uk or fill in the necessary details on the contact page.

'While we are Sleeping' by Kate Collins


Yorkshire and Lancashire artists exhibit together!' 

Spring Show 'The Northern Roses!

The Exhibition starts on Thursday March 28th and runs until May 10th 2013.


 View the show video at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tJX5zrUrio

A show of selected artists from Yorkshire and Lancashire- Let the battle of the brushes commence! Participating artists:

For Yorkshire - Richard Snowden, Heather Dormer, Lesley Birch, Leslie Child, Neil McBride,  Keith Mountain,  Jane Fielder, Amy Charlesworth, Gordon Broadhurst, Mandy Long.

For Lancashire - Peter Stanaway, Alan Knight, Steve Capper, Kevin Haynes, Chris Cyprus, Ian Jarman, David Bez, Russell Howarth.

David Bez has produced a very interesting short video showing the different stages involved in creating his attractive mixed media works that capture our northern urban landscapes so effectively.

 David Bez from Cheshire Art Agencies on Vimeo.

We've enjoyed exhibiting work from both sides of the Pennines over the last 9 years and feel it's time to put together a 'joint' exhibition to showcase the fact. 

The opportunity for customers to compare the two will no doubt provoke an enthusiastic response but should also generate special interest from collectors of Northern Artists.

  Northern Skyline by Steve Capper


End of Year Exhibition : 'Relight My Fire!'

The show begins on Sunday November 11th at 12 noon at Art in the Mill and runs through to Christmas. So delay those winter blues for as long as possible, you'll find a warm welcome awaits.


An exhibition of paintings, prints, glassware, ceramics and wood to rekindle that feel good factor we felt so captivating during those 'Happy and Glorious' days of summer 2012 with seasonal colours guaranteed to warm the soul as temperatures outside slide.

Participating artists: Stephen Court, Heather Dormer, Ann Johnson, Ewa Gorska, Keith Mountain, Ray Mutimer, Jack Stancombe, Sally Page, Catherine O'Hare, Steve Capper, Linda Erliz, Paul Laugier and David Creedon.

The exhibition will feature a host of artwork from a 'hotbed' of artistic talent keeping the embers burning with a colourful show fit to rival any of Autumn's seasonal displays.

 feva time in Knaresborough!

feva is Knaresborough's Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts from August 10th - 19th 2012 and full details of events and exhibitions may be downloaded from www.feva.info

Our Summer show for feva begins on August 10th: 'How Does Your Garden Grow?'

Pretty pictures all in a row!

Chris Cyprus, Laney Birkhead, Heather Dormer, Jack Stancombe, Ray Mutimer, Raymond Fearn, Mary Woodin, Paula Hickey, Mark Sofilas, Ray Mutimer, Jane Galvin, David Beresford and more.



Also ceramics, glass, wire and driftwood sculpture by Linda Bulleyment, Eric Moss, Ann Johnson, Ewa Gorska, Chris Moss and Michael Benn.

Potter round the living frames and artists at work al fresco in Green Dragon Yard daily during feva. 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' will show in the Blue Skies Gallery of Art in the Mill until the end of September 2012






Spring Show : 'KINGDOM'

Show runs March 16th to April 29th 2012 

  A mixed show celebrating the natural world and all creatures that on earth do dwell, with original paintings, prints, glass, ceramics and sculpture by selected artists. Featuring Steve Lingham, Paul Harvey, Gordon Broadhurst, Mary Woodin, Chris Moss, Graham Anderton, Neil Spilman, Kim Coley, Steve Capper, Thuline, Becky Mair, Sarah Duke, Philippa Ferguson, Jenni Murphy, Kate Wyatt, and more.


'Portrait of a King' by Steve Lingham


'Home is Where the Art is' 

 Show runs May 4th to June 6th 2012

 A collaborative show by The Small Group of textile artists from Harrogate, and introducing their latest works on the theme of the home. Selected artists from the home of Art in the Mill will also exhibit alongside the Small Group to complement their textiles with paintings, ceramics, prints, and glass.



Christmas Exhibition November 13th to December 31st
A solo show of paintings by Ray Mutimer called


 'A Little Imagination'



Ray lives in Knaresborough and is well known for his numerous Postman Pat books and annuals. But he has also worked on an impressively wide range of art and design projects in a career as a professional freelance illustrator, that has spanned 30 wonderfully productive years.

After training as a secondary school teacher Ray ended up as Head of Art and Craft at St.Aidan's CoE High School in Harrogate.

Whilst teaching during the day, he developed his semi abstract paintings at night and gradually moved from landscape to more figurative work. Two paintings were featured in the Royal Watercolour Society's Contemporary British Watercolours exhibition and many solo shows followed throughout the sixties and seventies.

Ray's first cartoon illustrations appeared in the Times Educational Supplement and not surprisingly were humorous reflections on teaching. Subsequent educational commissions were undertaken on behalf of industry and Ray's illustrated Time Charts (50 or so pictures blended into a montage which depicts the history of an industry or institution) were created for the likes of the Inland Revenue, British Steel, British Aerospace, The Stock Exchange and the Royal Mint.

However, having a young son meant discovering children's' story books with illustrations, revealing to Ray an inspirational world of colour, inventiveness, composition and drawing - everything and more of what he aimed for in his art and more if you include the magic of his story telling imagination. 

Ray became a freelance illustrator, limiting his teaching to recreational painting classes and demonstrations and in 1989 Ray started his first series of 12 Postman Pat picture books. During the nineties he drew eight whole annuals including all the stories, picture strips and activity pages. His work also contributed largely to the Postman Pat Weekly children's' picture strip magazine.

Over the years, Ray's illustrations have been used by many publishers and can be seen in an impressively wide range of character-led stories, from Rupert, Noddy and the Starhill Ponies through to classic nursery rhymes brought to life. 

Ray will be at the preview, with a portfolio of work covering his years as a professional freelance illustrator.





Watercolour Workshop and Demonstration


featuring Derwent's new Inktense range


presented by


award winning artist Leslie Child.


Workshop title 'The Urban Landscape'


The workshop will appeal to all levels and will focus on the urban landscape and capturing interesting buildings/architecture. Bring along an image to work from if you like. 

There'll be ample chance to use Derwent's Inktense range during the workshop.



Venue and date:

Sunday November 20th 11am to 1pm, £10 

Art in the Mill, Green Dragon Yard, Off Castlegate.


For further information and to book your place,

                                 ring 01423 862963

2011 feva time in Knaresborough!

Festival starts Friday 12th August and runs for ten days to 21st August.

See full details of the programme at www.feva.info

ART IN THE MILL presents~ 


                 from August 12th - September 30th 2011

Creative glimpses if this fascination nation seen through the eyes of selected artists and sculptors.

Featuring Lauren van Helmond, Sue Jenkins, Mandy Long, Victoria Sayers, Richard Snowden, Mark Sofilas, Jack Stancombe, Eddie Tibbs, John Wilson, Rebecca Wright. Peter Mattinson.

 The Artist by Lauren Van Helmond

 Royal Baths by Jack Stancombe.

Life Stands Still in Green Dragon Yard during feva!

Treat yourself to an art-full sight of real-life still life, sculpture and artists drawing and painting al fresco. Why not come along and create a masterpiece yourself! 


 Summer Ladies by Sue Jenkins 


Also announcing for feva:The Van Gogh Lecture

"The best lecture heard in over 25 years"
 Grange Lecture Society



Frazer Theatre 2.30pm Tuesday 16th August £6 

Professor Anthony Slinn illuminates Van Gogh's work with wit, intelligence and meticulous research. Using a two-screen system to compare the pictures with the places they depict, he takes you on a fascinating journey into the artist's world.

He has given over 2,500 presentations and he has given his 'Vincent' talk close to 900 times!
Anthony continues to be a full time painter and lecturer giving close to 200 presentations a

Professor Slinn is appearing in Knaresborough as part of the annual feva event.

Bookings: Post, Phone, In Person: Knaresborough Tourist Information Centre, 9 Castle Courtyard, Knaresborough. HG5 8AE tel 01423 866886. Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm.

More Info www.feva.info



To receive personal invites to all of our events please join our Mailing list by e-mailing us your contact details. 


                           Art in the Mill proudly presents

 Mark Sofilas Solo Show:

'First Impressions'

 mark sofilas

June 3rd - July 15th 2011

An exhibition of  new oil paintings by Mark Sofilas. 

An invitation to attend the opening night, June 2nd, may be requested via email.



mark sofilas staithes


Art in the Mill proudly presents

 Mark Sofilas Solo Show:

'First Impressions'

 mark sofilas

June 3rd - July 15th 2011

An exhibition of  new oil paintings by Mark Sofilas. 

An invitation to attend the opening night, June 2nd, may be requested via email.



mark sofilas staithes


                                         Spring Exhibition:  

~ Mood and Matter ~

Lesley Birch    John Thornton    Neil McBride


Three artists combine technique with style; colour with texture and present this collection of imaginative and atmospheric semi-abstract landscapes.



Exhibition runs 8th April to 6th May 2011

 'Turn Back Time'

Turn Back Time 100 Years........ 

Local Yorkshire Scenes continuing the tradition of the Yorkshire Union of Artists with a collection of original works painted some 100 years ago and depicting well known scenes around Knaresborough and Harrogate and the Dales

Runs Feb 25th to March 25th 2011







Ten on Top

Ten talents in attendance for a special top floor showcase for the 10th feva                   



~ Amy Charlesworth ~ Peter Donohoe ~ Matt Forster ~ Richard Harpum ~ Paula Hickey ~ Charlotte Hughes-Martin ~ Kate Lycett ~ Richard Snowden ~ Mark Sofilas ~ Phil Stuttard ~


Photography Exhibition:    'Change My View'

Carl Shilleto, Neil Stevenson, Nikki Bowling, Peter Lyth.

An exhibition of images on canvas by four Yorkshire Photographers starts on July 9th and runs to July 31st.




     Textile Exhibition ''Branching Out''Wooden Sculpture Wading Birds   

Spring Exhibition runs throughout May  

'Branching Out'


The Small Group of Harrogate have collaborated with the North Yorkshire Woodworker's Club



 The Four Seasons at Hay-A-Park  

Exhibition runs 12th February to 26th March 2010

A visual diary of the flora and fauna in paintings and photographs by local artist Mark Whorley. This exhibition reveals the beauty and diversity to be found at this local site of special scientific interest. Mark brings to us a year in the life of the flora and fauna on our doorstep with sensitive acrylic paintings that change gradually with the seasons and photographs of the wildlife and flowers that he discovered there.  


  The Boys are Back in Town!

Peter Stanaway, Steve Capper, Kevin Haynes and Russell Howarth

Preview event Sunday 8th November 12-4pm

Meet the artists

Four artists from Manchester return to Yorkshire to showcase their latest work. They will be joined this time by sculptress Jean Fenton also from Manchester.  

 The show starts on Sunday 8th November and runs until 24th December at Art in the Mill, Green Dragon Yard, Off Castlegate, Knaresborough HG5 8AU

Tel: 01423 862963 www.artinthemill.co.uk 

  Opening hours: 11-5.30pm Wed-Sat, 11-4pm Sun


  Peter Stanaway, Mossley, Original Painting          Peter Stanaway, Original Painting, Pennine Farm


  Early Shift oil painting by Peter Stanaway Corner Shop One by Peter Stanaway

     Peter Stanaway, Austerlands Original Painting

Peter Stanaway returns to the Mill with more sharp geometric images. This year he has produced a series of oil paintings in response to and depicting his love of folk music. A keen folk musician himself, he has produced lively scenes evoking good vibes amongst musician friends.

 Blackpool by kevin Haynes      

 Kevin Haynes paints from his chidhood memories of life in the mill towns. His nostalgic images tell a story, often very amusing, as seen through the wide eyes of a small boy growing up in Northern England.

   Blue Hills by Steve Capper 

Steve Capper is inspired by the hills and valleys of the Pennines where he lives and works. His use of strong vibrant colour and stylish shaping produces fascinating landscapes with almost luminous qualities. He often focuses on trees and foliage as his subject and one can usually find a landmark or mill building within his flowing landscapes.


    sculpture by Jean Fenton

 For sculpture this year Jean Fenton will show her latest figurative work in terracotta which uses line and form to find underlying emotions and feelings. Her dance figures aim to trap a burst of energy and strength in a frozen moment.






Richard Snowden is well known in these parts for his relentless productive and creative energy and he is now seeing the fruits of his labours flourishing.  By day the challenge is to harness mother nature on his working farm and by night it is to release his abundant creativity. The result is a rich body of work imbued with a joie de vivre which lights up even the darkest walls. The subjects are luscious and diverse, but each work is a performance, expressing the artist's empathy for nature in all its wonderful forms; dramatic landscapes one day and seductive femmes fatales the next!



Peter Stanaway returns to the Mill with more sharp geometric images. This year he has produced a series of oil paintings in response to and depicting his love of folk music. A keen folk musician himself, he has produced lively scenes evoking good vibes amongst musician friends.



Rosemary Abraham's floral paintings create intense visual statements. The surfaces are enriched with thick gesso allowing colour saturation which is often further enhanced by metal foils and pearlescent pigments producing heady floral pieces that are attracting the bees!





John Sibson is well known across Yorkshire and a respected artist now concentrating solely on his painting after a career in the quarrying industry. He likes to paint in watercolour, oil and acrylic with a pleasing rhythmical style  that evolves from his understanding of the complex vibrations in nature within landscapes and a precise eye for technical details in his industrial images.

 For sculpture this year Jean Fenton will show her latest figurative work in terracotta which uses line and form to find underlying emotions and feelings. Her dance figures aim to trap a burst of energy and strength in a frozen moment.


Mandy Long also exhibits. Her raku sculptures aspire to capture the extraordinary passion and electricity, strength and grace of athletes and dancers in motion. Mandy is fascinated by the relationships in performance between impetus, power, strength and the point of balance about which motion hinges often defines an iconic pose for Mandy to recreate.   


'Out of Africa'   ~      May 23rd- June 21st 09     

Tony Hill presents an exciting collection offrican Tribal Arts for s, including masks, figures & furniture. Knaborough artist, Julie Cope, will help to set the scene at the Mill with original paintings from her African wildlife collection.






 'Landscape Expressions'

     April 3rd-April 26th 09



An exhibition responding to the Yorkshire landscape and beyond, with atmospheric semi-abstract photographs by award-winning photographer Mark Sunderland, and beautiful monoprints and linocuts by Harrogate Printmakers (Lesley Birch, Yvonne Elvin, and Mandy Maynard)


Autumn Exhibition:  'Under the Microscope!'

Exhibition runs Wednesday October 8th - Sunday October 26th 2008

A collection of intricate textile works to celebrate the complex beauty and form of nature by the Small Group from Harrogate. Ten artists from the group exhibit  wall hangings, bags, jewellery, and more. 

Poppy Orange Frill by D Freeman          Beaded bags by H Mason              Shell patterns by B Garrard

Amazing digital art on canvas by Andy Northing from his 'Hidden Worlds' series. A collection of images of diatoms taken with an electron microscope and enhanced to reveal the true beauty and design in nature up close.


Diatoms (Algae) on Canvas, A Northing       Leaf Surface on Canvas by A. Northing


July 19th to August 3rd

An exhibition by ten Yorkshire Artists who are Fellows of the International Guild of Painters or Members of the British Society of Painters. On August 1st, Leslie Simpson, artist and book illustrator, will be here to sign his latest children's book about the lovable collie dog, 'Ollie and the Vanishing Scarecrow'.



We are focusing on the history of this charming old linen mill throughout this year to mark its special birthday. The mills and especially the linen trade are the focus of our attentions. We are building up to the finale during Knaresborough's FEVA Festival starting August 8th when we will launch the Summer Show 'A Journey thro' Time'. This exhibition will feature a rich tapestry of work by five very different artists who seek to capture the spirit of the mills and moors they are so familiar with. Further details to follow shortly.

Lockgates by Pater Stanaway Lock Gates by Peter Stanaway


We have introduced many new items this Spring with the linen connection, we think they are very special in their own right but we can feel a real sense of purpose and nostalgia to bring linen back into the mill! We have Gail Kelly's linocuts hand printed onto Irish Linen. These framed pictures of her enchanting garden series and Celtic tree designs will look attractive in almost any setting.

We have also introduced a beautiful range of handmade high quality vintage linen home accessories and fashion wear made by Yorkshire company 'Angel Linens' using vintage linen fabrics.

We are pleased to exhibit very special silver jewellery by Portcullis Jewels. The designs for the brooches and bangles take inspiration from Viking designs such as those found in the Goldsboro' hoard of Viking treasure just outside Knaresborough. Linen threads have been woven into one forged silver bangle which has been especially designed for the Mill.



FREE RANGE ART!                   

    It's time to set your art free!  Bring the WOW factor to your garden with our new range of garden sculpture and garden wall art!   




    An exhibition of Chinese paintings by established and respected artists in China. This collection has been sourced in China by historian Brian Morgan, an expert in Chinese painting and calligraphy. A wide range of styles is on display at the Mill starting at £25 each. This show  represents only a fraction of the paintings that are available from Brian's collection and anyone interested in sourcing a specific style or in finding out more should conact the Mill in the first instance.


Also featured at the Mill are Silk Paintings/Batiks by Angela Rawlings, oriental inspired floral/textile paintings by Louise Nash and Vietnamese Lacquer paintings and embroidery. We also have a range of genuine Chinese rice buckets, framed calligraphy, silk scarves & ties, and cards.


Enthusiastic children worked very hard to produce beautiful chinese lanterns under the expert guidance of visiting Chinese Artist Brain Morgan. Many thanks to Brian for making this half-term activity such a success and for his endless patience! And a very big well-done to all who took part - there were plenty of willing lantern makers, one as young as three and a little angel!


All things Bright &Beautiful~ Autumn 2007